The premises of Sarvayog’s at Sonela is vast and is ideally located for easy accessibility. The infrastructure is advanced, the design and architecture are modern and aesthetic. The facilities provided in the campus are apt for Next-Gen schooling.

Once you enter this vast campus what influences you the most is the open space and magnificent edifice. This ultra-modern campus is a synthesis of an architectural marvel and technological advancements for the smooth and quality administration and transparent functioning of the school.

At Sarvayog’s, each classroom has been designed with emphasis on providing a vibrant and safe learning environment. Each classroom has been tested for adequacy of lighting and seating distance from the boards. The color scheme of classrooms is conducive to learning. Classroom's spatial geometry is so arranged that the participants (teachers and kids) can create and re-create their own playlearn ground.

Child Friendly Building and Furniture :
The building at Sarvayog’s incorporates the principal of "building as a learning aid". With plenty of open spaces, the building design provides facilities for project work, open learning environment and inspires the students to "explore". The furniture is built using child friendly material to provide a safe and comfortable learning experience. A well equipped library forms the pivot of enhanced learning as it endeavors to inculcate a love for books in children, acting as a perfect catalyst to the learning. Students are also exposed to public speaking and histrionic skills through elocutions, debates, school plays and theatre.

Library :
School Library contains sufficient number of books related to literature, religion and technology in English, Hindi etc.

Computer Lab : In Computer Lab, there are computers with advance & latest technology. Long backup Invertor & UPS support. Computer education is compulsory from class 1st to class 10th.

Multi-Purpose Hall :
There is a large Multi-purpose Hall for cultural & Co-curricular activities with excellent arrangement of Lights & Sound. Large stage, balcony, curtains etc.

Green Park :
To Promote Greenery & make students aware about environment. School have a lot of greenery all around for healthy environment and fresh air.

Hygienic Water :
For providing pure and hygienic drinking water supply, RO Water Filter in installed.

Grounds :
For Athletic events & sports activities in school.

S. no Details Acre / Number Size
1 Area of School Campus 6862 Sq Meter
2 Built up Area 2253.94 Sq Meter
3 Area of Playground 3200 Sq Meter
4 Composite Science Lab 1 52 Sq Meter
5 Maths Lab 1 48 Sq Meter
6 Computer Lab 1 56 Sq Meter
7 Biology Lab 1 48 Sq Meter
8 Chemistry Lab 1 48 Sq Meter
9 Physics Lab 1 48 Sq Meter
10 Library 1 114 Sq Meter
11 Occupied Class Rooms 20 48 Sq Meter
12 Vacant Class Rooms 5 48 Sq Meter
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