Sarvayog has not only designed the premises with care, but also chosen its faculty through a rigorous process of interviews, inductions and practical demonstrations of their abilities. Their dedication, commitment and passion are exemplary and are the key to success.

The faculty of Sarvayog is the embodiment of the core values, principles and purpose of the institution. Their commitment and dedication together with a creative, imaginative and innovative approach makes learning inspiring and impressive. Chosen for their innovative and effective teaching skills, the teachers are supported by top-of-the-line resources and with latest Digital Smart Boards installed in its classrooms. The teachers in addition to being trained for teaching are also trained in counselling skills and act as mentors and guides providing emotional support to students, when needed. To keep the teachers updated and live to the changing situations, they are encouraged to participate in workshops, seminars and conferences.

Sarvayog subscribe to the idea that quality teachers are born not made. Sarvayog's is a new kind of school and we believe that we need a new kind of teachers to work with young people of the digital age. Teachers at our schools are qualified and experienced with an excellent track record. More important, they just love to teach. This is reflected in the warm and caring way they help your child develop a love for learning.

At Sarvayog we work in partnership with parents, sharing responsibility for children's happiness, learning development, and behavior. We value their contribution. The parents are apprised of the teaching plans and the strategy adopted to teach their child so that the same is followed at home for the desired results and their support sought for the betterment of the child.


1Satish Kumar BhalothiaHemraj Singh Bhalothia1/1/1972M.A.B.Ed.Principal22X 
2Deena Ram JoshiGala Ram Joshi25/6/1977M.A.B.Ed.TGT10VI-XHINDI
3Deepa NathaneyPradeep Nathaney13/2/1986M.A.B.Ed.TGT5VI-XHINDI
4Pradeep Kumar NathaneyPreetam Das Nathaney25/11/1978M.TechTGT5VI-XMATHS
5Tribhuvan Singh Mool Singh 15/7/1988M.Sc.B.EdPGT3VI-XMATHS
6Abdul Rauf AnsariShafique Ahmed Ansari5/5/1984M.Sc.B.EdPGT1VI-XBIO
7Jitendra Kumar SainiVijay Kumar Saini27/6/1987M.Comm.B.EdPGT2VI-XBST/ACC
8Radha Kumari RajputUK Singh20/8/1995B.C.APRT3I-XCOMP.
9Pankaj AroraSanjeev Arora2/7/1994B.C.A D.EdPRT1I-VEVS
10Nirmala VyasBhagwan Das vyas5/5/1964M.A.B.Ed.TGT2I-VSOCIAL.ST
11Mahendra Kumar KoriNaresh Kori7/4/1990B.A B.EdPRT2I-VHINDI
12Nisha SharmaSuresh Chand Sharma30/4/1984B.A. D.EdPRT5I-VEVS
13Suryakanta JingerMukesh Kumar22/6/1992B.A B.EdCOUNSELLOR.3 COUN.
14Patel KokilaJhonny Ikhile30/12/1975B.A.B.EdPRT3I-VIENGLISH
15Chetna SutharGanesh Ram Suthar13/1/1992M.Sc, B. EdPGT3VI-XCHEMISTRY
16Narendra Singh SolankiVachan Singh Solanki14/7/1991M.A.B.PedPET2VII-XPHYSICAL EDU
17Mohd.Taiyab KhanSageer Khan1/10/1961M.A.B.EdPGT5VIII-XIIENGLISH
18Ajeet Singh GohilPradeep Singh Gohil25/6/1983M.A.B.EdPGT3VIII-XIIECONMICS
19PatelDeepa RamPatel Kana Ram8/10/1992B.TECH.PRT4I-VMATHS,SCIENCE
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